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Woods, David
Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies
Constantine I and a New Christian Golden Age: A Secretly Christian Reverse Type Identified?
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Constantine Licinius Solidus Coin Revelation Apocalypse Serpent Satan Christian
It is argued that Constantine concealed the Latin symbol for a thousand within a depiction of two apparent wreaths on the reverse of a type of solidus struck in 325/26, and that he did so in order to allude to the one-thousand year reign of the resurrected martyrs with Christ following the overthrow of Satan as described in the book of Revelation. In so doing, he was comparing his reign after his overthrow of Licinius to the reign of the martyrs with Christ after the overthrow of Satan. The message was that he would try to rule with Christ in the manner of those kings, that is, as a perfect Christian king.
Duke University, USA
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