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Lynch CD;Allen PF;
International Journal of Prosthodontics
A survey of chrome-cobalt RPD design in Ireland.
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The aims of this study were to investigate the quality of written instructions given to dental laboratories for fabrication of chrome-cobalt removable partial dentures (RPD) in Ireland, and to examine the extent and nature of technical/laboratory support available for the fabrication of this prosthesis type. All dental laboratories listed in the commercial telephone book were contacted and invited to participate in the study. Written instructions received by dental technicians for fabrication of chrome-cobalt RPDs were examined for evidence of four design variables: denture base configuration, retention, support, and connector design. The use of diagrams was also examined. Of 112 dental laboratories listed, 100 agreed to take part. Sixteen laboratories had the facilities to fabricate chrome-cobalt frameworks on their premises; 122 sets of written instructions were received. All four design variables were described in 10% (n = 12) of instructions, 7% (n = 9) contained reference to three variables, 13% (n = 16) contained reference to two variables, and 17% (n = 20) contained reference to one variable. No design features were prescribed in 53% (n = 65), and 5% (n = 6) requested the technician to design the prosthesis. Only 7% (n = 8) of instructions included a diagram. A high proportion of written instructions to dental laboratories regarding fabrication of chrome-cobalt RPDs contained no reference to the mentioned design variables.
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