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Keogh P;Ray NJ;Lynch CD;Burke FM;Hannigan A;
The European journal of prosthodontics and restorative dentistry
Surface microhardness of a resin composite exposed to a "first-generation" LED curing lamp, in vitro.
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This investigation determined the minimum exposure times consistent with optimised surface microhardness parameters for a commercial resin composite cured using a "first-generation" light-emitting diode activation lamp. Disk specimens were exposed and surface microhardness numbers measured at the top and bottom surfaces for elapsed times of 1 hour and 24 hours. Bottom/top microhardness number ratios were also calculated. Most microhardness data increased significantly over the elapsed time interval but microhardness ratios (bottom/top) were dependent on exposure time only. A minimum exposure of 40 secs is appropriate to optimise microhardness parameters for the combination of resin composite and lamp investigated.
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