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Lynch CD;Ash PJ;Chadwick BL;Hannigan A;
Journal of Dental Education
Evaluation of a U.K. community-based clinical teaching/outreach program by former dental students two and five years after graduation.
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Over the past few years, community-based clinical teaching/outreach teaching programs have been established in many dental schools in the United Kingdom. One such program was developed by Cardiff University at the local St. David's Hospital in 2002. Students visit this unit throughout their dental school program--as an assistant/observer initially, but gaining a significant amount of clinical operating experience within the unit during their final year of studies. While contemporaneous feedback from current dental students at this and other programs has been positive, very little information exists on the impact of this form of training on the subsequent clinical careers and working practices of qualified dentists. In autumn 2009, a postal questionnaire was distributed to dentists who graduated from the School of Dentistry at Cardiff in 2004 (n=41) and 2007 (n=51). Fifty-eight responses were returned, for a response rate of 63 percent: 2004 (66 percent), 2007 (61 percent). Forty-seven respondents (81 percent) reported that their learning experience at the St. David's outreach teaching program had been of significant assistance in their professional development in their subsequent clinical careers. Positive features of the program included the availability of a suitably trained dental nurse for all procedures (n=26, 45 percent), ready access to helpful/approachable teaching staff (n=24, 41 percent), and a good working atmosphere (n=23, 40 percent). Overwhelmingly, former dental students reported that the educational experiences they gained were positive and have had a beneficial effect on their subsequent clinical careers. Further development of community-based clinical teaching/outreach training as part of dental school training programs is encouraged.
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