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Manfred Schewe & Fionn Woodhouse
Theatre Connects - Performative Pathways Between Schools, Universities and the Wider Community
University College Cork
Conference Organising Committee Chairperson
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The organisers and contributors to this symposium strongly believe that theatre plays a prominent role in developing a sense of awareness of ourselves and the world around us. Therefore, we believe theatre ought to play a more important role in schools, universities and the wider community. In building our futures, the connection between theatre and education needs to start early and to continue throughout our lives. The invited speakers will offer their perspectives on why theatre should be introduced and established as a subject in primary and secondary schools, why universities should embrace performativity within and across academic disciplines, and why leading theatres should continue to embrace and increase their outreach activities and aspire to employ theatre education specialists. The symposium should be of special interest to those who aim to form stronger links between theatre and education, including teachers, lecturers, theatre students, directors of theatres and theatre companies, applied theatre practitioners and policy makers.
Department of Theatre, UCC