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Fšrber, Beatrix
Tionůl 2018
Tadhg ” Cuinn's Materia Medica (1415)
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At CELT the preparation of the unpublished edition and translation of an Irish Materia Medica by MicheŠl P.S. ” Conchubhair is in progress. This substantial work (over 900 pages) will complement CELTís other online Irish medical translations/compilations from Latin sources. The printed text comprises the edition based on Trinity College Library, MS 1343 (available on ISOS), a list of parallels from related Latin tracts, English translation and glossary. This Herbal, the professional tool of an Irish doctor, is brim-full with botanical descriptions, medical information and advice on preparing remedies. The text is extant in various manuscripts and comprises 292 entries (plants, animal products and mineral products) in alphabetic order. It is based on authorities such as Macer Floridusí, De viribus herbarum, Joannes Platerariusí, Circa Instans. and Isaac Israeliís, Liber dietarum particularium, but for some entries no Latin source has yet been found. ” Conchubhair was a private scholar from Dublin, whose fascination with pre-modern medicine brought him to the discipline. After his death in 1994 his family donated the edition to the School of Celtic Studies, DIAS, where it remained until Professor Aoibheann Nic Dhonnchadha took up the initiative to have the text donated to CELT.