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Lone M., Vagg T., Theocharopoulos A., Cryan J.F., McKenna J.P., Downer E., Toulouse A.
Anatomical Sciences Education
Development and Assessment of a 3D Tooth Morphology Quiz for Dental Students
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Dental education Anatomy education Tooth morphology Computerized assessment 3D tooth morphology application Mental rotation tests Symbol digit modality test Student performance
Tooth morphology has a pivotal role in the dental curriculum and provides one of the important foundations of clinical practice. To supplement tooth morphology teaching a 3D quiz application (app) was developed. The 3D resource enables students to study tooth morphology actively by selecting teeth from an interactive quiz, modify their viewpoint and level of zoom. Additionally, students are able to rotate the tooth to obtain a 3D spatial understanding of the different surfaces of the tooth. A cross-over study was designed to allow comparison of students’ results after studying with the new application or traditionally with extracted / model teeth. Data show that the app provides an efficient learning tool and that students’ scores improve with usage (18% increase over 3 weeks, P < 0.001). Data also show that student assessment scores were correlated with scores obtained while using the app but were not influenced by the teaching modality initially accessed (r2 = 0.175, P < 0.01). Comparison of the 2016 and 2017 class performance shows that the class that had access to the app performed significantly better on their final tooth morphology assessment (68.0% ± 15.0 v. 75.3% ± 13.4, P < 0.01). Furthermore, students reported that the 3D application was intuitive, provided useful feedback, presented the key features of the teeth and assisted in learning tooth morphology. The 3D tooth morphology app thus provides students with a useful adjunct teaching tool for learning dental anatomy.
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