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Ciara Chambers
Interwar Lens Cultures - Photography and Film in Transition 1919-1939
The Wars Between the Wars: Political, Civil and Economic Conflict in Ireland
Valand Academy, Gothenburg University
Invited Lectures (Conference)
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The interwar period in Ireland was a time of extended political uncertainty, conflict and re-evaluation of national identities resulting in the partition of the country and the emergence of "two Irelands" north and south. The Anglo- Irish War of Independence raged between 1919-1921 and a truce led to the signing of a divisive peace treaty which led the country into civil war between 1922-23. After this, there was a struggle to establish separate nation states with Éire as an independent British Dominion and Northern Ireland as part of the United Kingdom. The interconnection between these spaces was challenging and a bitter economic war affected all parties between 1932- 38. This paper will explore the representation of these events in cinema newsreels and argue that the newsreels' 'partitionist' mentality led to confusion and stereotyping that still exist in news coverage of Ireland today.
The Hasselblad Foundation and Valand Academy, Gothenburg University.