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Yvon Bonenfant
Uluzuzulalia: The Voice Play Project - Research and Development Phase
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Artistic director, composer, director. Performative installation project for 30 children at a time, aged 6 - 11 years old, exploring vocal phonemes and non-materials, to be run in 6 1- hour intervals per day. Queered somatic dramaturgical strategies used during project development. International team of scientific advisors from speech science and the neuropsychology of linguistic and musical phonation (from University of Western Sydney, University of South California, University of Edinburgh and Yale University) acted as advisors. Work tested with 300 children and 57 adults and professionals before being refined. See www.uluzuzulalia.com Institutional Support: The Point, Eastleigh. Collaborators: Ali Maclaurin (costume and object design), Ghislaihne Granger (producer), Ricardo Da Fonseca (production management), team of live artists and MAX/MSP programmer.
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