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King, A;Roedig, U
Acm Transactions On Sensor Networks
Differentiating Clear Channel Assessment Using Transmit Power Variation
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Clear Channel Assessment (CCA) is a core element of Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Medium Access Control (MAC) protocols which is used on the transmitter and receiver sides. Current CCA implementations cannot determine the device type occupying the media, leaving nodes unable to differentiate between WSN traffic and interference. However, this would be valuable as MAC protocols benefit from reacting differently depending on the channel occupier. In this article, we describe a method called Power Differentiating Clear Channel Assessment (P-DCCA). Transmitters vary the output power of the radio while the packet is being sent. Receivers are able to identify signals with this characteristic, enabling a Differentiating Clear Channel Assessment (DCCA) check to reveal if the medium is currently occupied by WSN traffic or other interference. We present an implementation and thorough evaluation of Power P-DCCA. Using ContikiMAC as an example, we describe how P-DCCA can be integrated within MAC protocols. We show via large-scale testbed experiments and deployments that P-DCCA enabled networks have a significant improved performance. For example, we show that a P-DCCA enabled network can improve Packet Reception Rate (PRR) by up to a factor of 10 while reducing energy usage by more than 80% under heavy interference.
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