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Bernardo-Gavito R;Bagci IE;Roberts J;Sexton J;Astbury B;Shokeir H;McGrath T;Noori YJ;Woodhead CS;Missous M;Roedig U;Young RJ;
Scientific Reports
Extracting random numbers from quantum tunnelling through a single diode.
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Random number generation is crucial in many aspects of everyday life, as online security and privacy depend ultimately on the quality of random numbers. Many current implementations are based on pseudo-random number generators, but information security requires true random numbers for sensitive applications like key generation in banking, defence or even social media. True random number generators are systems whose outputs cannot be determined, even if their internal structure and response history are known. Sources of quantum noise are thus ideal for this application due to their intrinsic uncertainty. In this work, we propose using resonant tunnelling diodes as practical true random number generators based on a quantum mechanical effect. The output of the proposed devices can be directly used as a random stream of bits or can be further distilled using randomness extraction algorithms, depending on the application.
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