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Chisca, Danuta; Lombardi, Michele; Milano, Michela; O'Sullivan, Barry
2018 IEEE 30th International Conference on Tools with Artificial Intelligence (ICTAI)
From offline to online kidney exchange optimization
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Decision making Kidney Optimisation Patient diagnosis Stochastic processes Surgery Kidney exchange programs Donor-patient pairs Organ failure Stochastic online optimization problem On-line anticipatory algorithm Transplantation Online kidney exchange optimization Offline kidney exchange problem Donor pool generation Optimization Scalability Mathematical model Approximation algorithms Conferences Anticipatory algorithm Online stochastic kidney exchange
Volos, Greece
Kidney exchange programs enable willing, but incompatible, donor-patient pairs to swap donors, thus allowing persons suffering from organ failure to access transplantation. Choosing which pairs to match requires solving a stochastic online optimization problem where patients and donors arrive over time. Despite this, most of the related scientific literature has focused on deterministic offline models. In this paper, we present a simple approach to employ a model for the offline Kidney Exchange Problem (KEP) as the basis of an on-line anticipatory algorithm. Our approach grounds on existing techniques for the on-line KEP, but it generalizes them and provides a more accurate estimate of the expected impact of current decisions. In an experimentation based on a state-of-the-art donor pool generation method, the approach provides improvements in terms of quality and is able to deal with realistic instance size in reasonable time.
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