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McCarthy, Elaine K.; ní Chaoimh, Carol; Hourihane, Jonathan O'B.; Kenny, Louise C.; Irvine, Alan D. Murray, Deirdre M.; Kiely, Mairead
Maternal & Child Nutrition
Iron intakes and status of 2-year-old children in the Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort Study
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Birth cohort Iron deficiency Anaemia Iron intakes Food fortification Cows' milk consumption
Young children are at risk of iron deficiency and subsequent anaemia, resulting in long-term consequences for cognitive, motor and behavioural development. This study aimed to describe the iron intakes, status and determinants of status in 2-year-old children. Data were collected prospectively in the mother–child Cork BASELINE Birth Cohort Study from 15¿weeks' gestation throughout early childhood. At the 24-month assessment, serum ferritin, haemoglobin and mean corpuscular volume were measured, and food/nutrient intake data were collected using a 2-day weighed food diary. Iron status was assessed in 729 children (median [IQR] age: 2.1 [2.1, 2.2] years) and 468 completed a food diary. From the food diary, mean (SD) iron intakes were 6.8 (2.6) mg/day and 30% had intakes¿<¿UK Estimated Average Requirement (5.3¿mg/day). Using WHO definitions, iron deficiency was observed in 4.6% (n¿=¿31) and iron deficiency anaemia in five children (1.0%). Following an iron series workup, five more children were diagnosed with iron deficiency anaemia. Twenty-one per cent had ferritin concentrations <15¿µg/L. Inadequate iron intakes (OR [95% CI]: 1.94 [1.09, 3.48]) and unmodified cows' milk intakes¿=¿400¿mL/day (1.95 [1.07, 3.56]) increased the risk of low iron status. Iron-fortified formula consumption was associated with decreased risk (0.21 [0.11, 0.41] P¿<¿0.05). In this, the largest study in toddlers in Europe, a lower prevalence of low iron status was observed than in previous reports. Compliance with dietary recommendations to limit cows' milk intakes in young children and consumption of iron-fortified products appears to have contributed to improved iron status at two years.
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