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Gavin, Declan P.; Murphy, Edel J.; Foley, Aoife M.; Abreu Castilla, Ignacio; Reen, F. Jerry; Woods, David F.; Collins, Stuart G.; O'Gara, Fergal; Maguire, Anita R.
Advanced Synthesis & Catalysis
Identification of an Esterase Isolated Using Metagenomic Technology which Displays an Unusual Substrate Scope and its Characterisation as an Enantioselective Biocatalyst
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Enantiopurity Metagenomic library Stereochemistry Biocatalyst Esterase
Evaluation of an esterase annotated as 26D isolated from a marine metagenomic library is described. Esterase 26D was found to have a unique substrate scope, including synthetic transformations which could not be readily effected in a synthetically useful manner using commercially available enzymes. Esterase 26D was more selective towards substrates which had larger, more sterically demanding substituents (i.e. iso-propyl or tert-butyl groups) on the -carbon, which is in contrast to previously tested commercially available enzymes which displayed a preference for substrates with sterically less demanding substituents (i.e. methyl group) at the -carbon.
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