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Mandatory Fields
Kenna, Therese; Maksymiuk, Gabriela
2019 March
CyberParks: The Interface Between People, Places and Technology
Socio-spatial practices: An introduction and overview
Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Urban public space Digital technologies
We are now firmly in a digital era and technologies are ever-present. Since the introduction of new digital technologies and ICTs, such as smart phones, the literature has presented some contrasting analyses of the socio-spatial practices and impacts that have resulted from the uptake of new technologies in urban public spaces. On one hand, there is a particular set of debates that have expressed concerns that the introduction of digital technologies, especially personal ICTs, is leading to a greater withdrawal from urban public spaces.
Smaniotto Costa, Carlos; Šuklje Erjavec, Ina; Kenna, Therese; de Lange, Michiel; Ioannidis, Konstantinos; Maksymiuk, Gabriela; de Waal, Martijn
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