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Samantha Morgan-Williams
"Know Your Rights: Responding to Discrimination in Accessing Goods & Services."
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Guidebook, Guidelines, Discrimination, Equality, Policy Development, Legal Research.
Produced and published a legal guidebook to using the Equal Status Acts before the WRC and District Court, for Irish Travellers. This includes step by step guidance as to how to challenge acts of discrimination through the correct legal avenue.
This guide outlines the main types of discrimination faced by the Traveller Community and explains how exactly a Traveller who has been treated less favourably in the provision of goods and services can respond through the available legal avenues. This guide is designed for both community members, allies and advocates who are taking a case under the Equal Status Acts 2000-2015. At the back of the guide you will find the forms you need to lodge a complaint and website addresses of organisations that might be able to assist you further should this be required. This guide has been produced as part of a collaborative project, the Traveller Equality & Justice Project (TEJP), a research centre which was established between the Cork Traveller Women’s Network and the Centre for Criminal Justice & Human Rights, UCC in July 2018 and was published with the kind support of Senator Colette Kelleher.
S Morgan-Williams
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Produced with support from Senator Colette Kelleher as part of her work on Traveller rights.