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Zubialevich, Vitaly Z.; Pampili, Pietro; McLaren, M.; Arredondo-Arechavala, M.; Sabui, G.; Shen, Z. J.; Parbrook, Peter J.
2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO)
Dense GaN nanocolumn arrays by hybrid top-down-regrow approach using nanosphere lithography
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Annealing Gallium compounds III-V semiconductors Masks Nanolithography Nanostructured materials Semiconductor growth Wide band gap semiconductors Dense nanocolumn arrays Hybrid top-down-regrow approach Dense locally ordered 2D arrays Thermal annealing Nonpolar m-plane facets NC crystal quality Array fill factor Wet etching Dry etching Silica nanosphere hard masks Height deviations Nanocolumns Nanosphere lithography GaN SiO2 Gallium nitride Surface treatment MOCVD Shape Epitaxial growth Optics
Cork, Ireland
A comprehensive description of a procedure to form dense locally ordered 2D arrays of vertically aligned hexagonal in section GaN nanocolumns (NCs) without height deviations will be presented. Particular focus will be given for the preparation of silica nanosphere hard masks, dry etching to form GaN NCs, wet etching to modify NC shape, thermal annealing and regrowth to recover non-polar m-plane facets, improve NC crystal quality and array fill factor.
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