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Manning, Hugh G.; Biswas, Subhajit; Kumar, Shailja; Holmes, Justin D.; Boland, John J.
2018 IEEE 18th International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-NANO)
Neuromorphic- inspired behaviour in core-shell nanowire networks
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Coatings Nanowires Core-shell nanowire networks Engineering smart-material Neuromorphic architectures Plasticity Complex nanowire network material Electrical resistive switching Nanosized filamentary connections High resistance state Lower resistance states Neuromorphic inspired behaviors Metal nanowires Memory retention times TiO2 Nanobioscience Neuromorphics Optical switches Nanoscale devices Microscopy Immune system
Cork, Ireland
Engineering smart-materials with emergent properties requires designing and characterizing systems with desirable behaviours. Neuromorphic (brain-like) architectures require plasticity, where the strength of the connections and the time with which they decay can be modulated based on the magnitude and the repetition of the applied stimuli. This functionality is emulated in our complex nanowire network material through electrical resistive switching. The formation of nano-sized filamentary connections between overlapping wires across the network facilitates a controllable transition from a high resistance state to one (or more) lower resistance states with corresponding memory retention times. We report on the neuromorphic inspired behaviors that emerge from networks of metal nanowires coated with TiO 2 shells.
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