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Genc, Begum; Siala, Mohamed; Simonin, Gilles; O'Sullivan, Barry
CPAIOR 2019: Sixteenth International Conference on the Integration of Constraint Programming, Artificial Intelligence, and Operations Research
An approach to robustness in the Stable Roommates problem and its comparison with the Stable Marriage problem
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Polynomial-time procedure Reduced rotation Stable matching Stable Marriage problem Stable Roommates problem
Thessaloniki, Greece
Recently a robustness notion for matching problems based on the concept of a (a, b)-supermatch is proposed for the Stable Marriage problem (SM). In this paper we extend this notion to another matching problem, namely the Stable Roommates problem (SR). We define a polynomial-time procedure based on the concept of reduced rotation poset to verify if a stable matching is a (1, b)-supermatch. Then, we adapt a local search and a genetic local search procedure to find the (1, b)-supermatch that minimises b in a given SR instance. Finally, we compare the two models and also create different SM and SR instances to present empirical results on the robustness of these instances.
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