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Manfred Schewe
Universities on the way towards a performative teaching and learning culture?
A collaboration between Leibniz University of Hanover (Fachsprachenzentrum), State Theatre Hanover (Department of Theatre Pedagogy) and University College Cork (Department of Theatre)
Hanover University
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If in its most basic sense performative means ‘creative doing’: To what extent have forms of creative doing become part of our university curricula? This symposium aims at bringing together colleagues from different disciplines who wish to discuss and experience performative approaches to teaching and learning at third level. While the modern languages and in particular the development of a Performative Foreign/Second Language Didactics will be our main reference point, perspectives from other academic disciplines and fields of aesthetic practice are also welcome. The symposium will centre on the following questions: What exactly do we understand by a performative teaching and learning culture? Wherein exactly lies the benefit of applying performative approaches? How can we make university administrators and lecturers more aware of the immense innovative potential of going performative in third level education?
University of Hanover