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Murphy, M., O'Sullivan, D., Gallagher, J., Di Blasi, Z., Hammond, S. & O'Rourke, M.;
Psychogenic Cardiovascular Disease Conference
Cardiac misconceptions, Type D personality and physical activity in a sample of young adults
Prato, Italy
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This study investigates the relationships between levels of physical activity and cardiac misconceptions, which has been demonstrated among cardiac patients, among healthy young people, as well as the impact of Type D personality and levels of self-efficacy. Three hundred and fifty individuals between the ages of 18 and 25 completed the York Cardiac Beliefs Questionnaire, Vigorous Exercise Questionnaire, Type D Personality Questionnaire, Physical Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale, and family history of Coronary Heart Disease (CHD). The results are presented in the context of a predictive model of levels of exercise. The contribution of cardiac misconceptions and self-efficacy, which are amenable to cognitive intervention, in conjunction with Type D personality scores, to levels of exercise, a lifestyle risk factor, supports the notion that preventative programs could ameliorate, for young premorbid community populations, later in life onset of CHD.