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Prendergast, M;O'Meara, N
International Journal Of Mathematical Education In Science And Technology
Assigning mathematics instruction time in secondary schools: what are the influential factors?
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Similar to countries such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, secondary schools in Ireland can decide how to allocate instruction time between curriculum subjects. Although there are national guidelines available from the Department of Education and Skills (DES), the majority of schools make their own decisions about how much time they allocate to different subjects. This results in variations between the amounts of time allocated to teaching mathematics in different schools and between different year and class groups within the same school. Decisions regarding time allocation are generally taken by the school management. This means that the ethos of the school and the individual opinions of school management can determine the amount of mathematics that students experience throughout their second level education. The aim of this study is to evaluate the most influential factors that management considers when assigning instruction time in Irish secondary schools. For the purpose of this research, seven possible factors were identified and 400 deputy principals from a stratified sample of secondary schools around Ireland were asked to select their top three. Timetabling constraints, the availability of mathematics teachers and the perceived importance of the subject were found to be the most influential factors.
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