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Roy, Saibal; Mallick, Dhiman; Kankana, Paul
IEEE Transactions On Magnetics
MEMS-Based Vibrational Energy Harvesting and Conversion Employing Micro-/Nano-Magnetics
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Magnetic resonance Micromechanical devices Magnetic multilayers Vibrations Power generation Acceleration MEMS Micro-/nano-magnetics Permanent magnets Power management Soft magnetic materials Vibration energy harvesting (VEH)
This paper discusses the current state-of-the-art, ongoing fundamental and technical challenges and potential roadmaps for micro-scale vibration energy harvesting and power conversion devices employing micro-/nano-magnetics. Such devices are of paramount importance as powering solution for autonomous and ubiquitous sensor nodes within the emerging ``Internet of Things (IoT).'' In this paper, we have reviewed the fundamental limitations, technological needs, and breakthroughs in the mentioned areas, including materials, process integration, and device design issues. Particularly, current limitations in both the relevant soft and hard (or permanent) micro-magnets, roadmaps for a complete ``Magnetic MEMS'' solution for energy harvesting and efficient low-power conversion for ``IoT'' applications, are discussed.
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