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McCarthy, N;Dwane, S;Daly, P;Gallagher, AG;Duggan, E;Neville, K.
Development of a Training Tool for Correct use of Protective Clothing
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Bristol, UK
This work in progress paper will look at the steps that will be taken for the S-HELP (Securing Health Emergency Learning and Planning) project to develop a training tool on the correct technique for donning and doffing personal protective equipment (PPE), from the initial development of operational definitions of the task to the potential role that simulation and video tagging can play in this training process. One of the central aims of the S-HELP project is to develop and deliver a holistic framed approach to healthcare preparedness, response and recovery. One component of the S-HELP solution will be training in the correct process of donning and doffing PPE. Availing of expert knowledge, we will develop objective, validated and operationally defined steps for task completion derived from a detailed task analysis of the donning and doffing process. These operational definitions will be defined explicitly to meet three criteria: objectivity, clarity and completeness. This allows for the elimination of inter-observer and intra-observer variability and standardises codification. Learning, training and assessment will be based on these objectively established definitions and standards. Proficiency-based progression will be employed as a method of training and will be achieved through the process of deliberate practice which involves the provision of immediate feedback on the performance of a task. Breaking down the task into its constituent parts allows for the implementation of deliberate practice at specific instances of the process rather than simply repeated practice of the entire procedure. It is deliberate rather than repeated practice that allows the person to effectively move beyond their current capability level. Simulation is a reliable method of skill development that can support the learner on the path from novice to become an expert in a safe and controlled manner. ASSERT simulation suite will track and monitor end user training in donning and doffing and support the learning process. Training content (lectures, simulations, video streams) will be tagged with task specific information for use and reuse across the different end user groups. Video recording and scenario playback with appropriate tagging will create a tagged data set linked to end user defined categories allowing for intuitive and seamless data search and dissemination. This will enhance learning and help refine behaviour. The integration of this training programme into a DSS solution will go beyond a mere technical-only solution and ensure the most appropriate information is readily accessible when required.
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