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Murphy, G; Matvienko-Sikar, K.
Personality and Individual Differences
Trait mindfulness & self-reported driving behaviour
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Trait mindfulness is considered a protective factor for a number of risky health behaviours, yet the relationship between mindfulness and driving behaviours remains underexplored. In the current study, 657 participants completed the Mindful Attention and Awareness Scale, Spielberger State Trait Anxiety Inventory, Manchester Driving Behaviour Questionnaire, Driving Behaviour Survey and Driving Cognitions Questionnaire, as well as questions concerning driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, phone use when driving and collision history. The findings suggest that trait mindfulness is associated with decreased engagement in problematic driving behaviours including errors, lapses, willful violations of road rules, aggressive driving and phone use. Mindfulness was also associated with reduced anxious driving behaviours and reduced negative thoughts while driving. Observed effects were relatively small, though for most variables measured, safe driving was more strongly correlated with trait mindfulness than it was with age or driving experience. Overall, this study highlights important mechanisms for future examinations of mindful driving interventions.
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