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Yvon Bonenfant
Resonant Tails, Stage 2. Interactive Voice / Touch / Light Installation for Children with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities
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Resonant Tails has been installed in four schools in the UK: Rosewood Free School; Victoria School, Birmingham; Linden Lodge School; and Chidrenís Trust School; Tadworth. This art installation introduces these schools teachers and learners to non-punctate vocal improvisation that generates light, vibration and touch response in a context of intensive vocal interaction. Installations installed in schools for a period of 12 months with weekly visits by voice improvisation leaders. Supported by Youth Music; Postcode Community Trust; University of Winchester; University College Cork; the Schools. Conjoined book chapter under development. Resonant Tails Stage 1, our prototyping project, opened up this territory of research-creation from 2017-8.
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