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” hAdhmaill, F.
2019 July
Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism
The Easter Rising (1916) in Ireland and its Historical Context: The Campaign for an Irish Democracy.
Palgrave MacMillan Cham
New York;London
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Ireland Irish History Irish Republicanism Easter Rising 1916
This artilce focuses on the Easter Rising in Ireland (1916), its causes, and its impact nationally and internationally. As such, this is a study of the development of resistance to British colonial rule in Ireland, the beginnings of Irish republicanism, its challenges to existing power structures such as the Catholic Church, the landowning, and emerging capitalist class and the British Empire, and the resulting tensions and conflicts which emerged within the Irish population and between it and British political and strategic interests. It also discusses the legacy of the Rising and its aftermath in relation to Irelandís place within the world, the continuing uncertainty and unresolved issues around conflict, and peace within Ireland and Anglo-Irish relations today.
Cope, Z. and Ness, E.
41 Pages
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