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Buttu, D. and hAdhmaill, F.
2020 April
International Human Rights, Social Policy and Global Development: Critical Perspectives
International Humanitarian Law: Protecting Rights and Promoting Welfare During War?
Policy Press/Bristol University Press
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International Humanitarian Law Rights during Warfare Conflict and Peace
What happens to human rights in time of war/armed conflict, when the most basic of human rights, the right to life, can be denied legally? There are two main types of international human rights mechanisms: International Human Rights Law (IHRL), dealing with rights at all times, and International Humanitarian Law (IHL), dealing with rights during the special circumstances of war/armed conflict. This chapter looks at some of the 'rights' they bestow on people during war and some of the difficuties in realising such rights.
McCann, G. and hAdhmaill, F.
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