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Foley, S., Welsh, D., Pantidi, N, Morrissey, K., Nappey, T., McCarthy, J.
CHI '19 Proceedings of the 2019 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems
Printer Pals: Experience-Centered Design to Support Agency for People with Dementia
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Whereas there have been significant improvements in the quality of care provided for people with dementia, limited attention to the importance for people with dementia being enabled to make positive social contributions within care home contexts can restrict their sense of agency. In this paper we describe the design and deployment of 'Printer Pals' a receipt-based print media device, which encourages social contribution and agency within a care home environment. The design followed a two-year ethnography, from which the need for highlighting participation and supporting agency for residents within the care home became clear. The residents use of Printer Pals mediated participation in a number of different ways, such as engaging with the technology itself, offering shared experiences and participating in co-constructive and meaningful ways, each of which is discussed. We conclude with a series of design consideration to support agentic and caring interactions through inclusive design practices.
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