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Hurley E.;Murphy R.
The journal of pedagogy
The development of a new method of idiographic measurement for dynamic assessment intervention
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change-based assessment dynamic assessment general procrustean analysis idiographic measurement implicit association test multi-dimensional scaling personal construct theory
by Emma Hurley 2015. This paper proposes a new method of idiographic measurement for dynamic assessment (DA) intervention. There are two main methods of measurement for DA intervention; split -half tests and integrated scoring systems. Split-half tests of ability have proved useful from a research perspective. Integrated scoring systems coupled with case studies are useful from a practitioner perspective. The purpose of this research is to bridge the gap between research and practice by developing a methodology that is compatible with both. To this end the paper proposes a measureable idiographic method of measurement, which utilises multi-dimensional scaling (MDS) and general procrustean analysis (GPA) to analyse the result of card-sort data gathered from a learner across the entire intervention. This approach provides a method of assessment, which is both compatible with individual intervention and suited to building a body of evidence-based research for DA. An example of the method in practice is given for illustrative purposes. The initial results suggest that this approach provides a methodology that satisfies the requirements of both practitioners when formulating targeted intervention and researchers who require methods of measurement of change in ability of the individual over time.
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