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O'Leary D.;Cil T.;Lehane E.;Corrigan M.
2013 December
E-Learning: New Technology, Applications and Future Trends
E-learning in the 21stcentury-the 2.0 generation
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Digital divide E-learning 2.0 E-learning programs Social media
E-learning 2.0 (EL2) is defined as the utilisation of social learning as an educational tool [1]. The pedagogical ethos behind EL2 is based upon collaborative learning whereby the user generates the learning content, which then in turn can then be shared through collaborations with other users. EL2 has contributed towards eroding the digital divide whereby marginalised societies are at a disadvantage through technological restrictions of many e-learning approaches. This has been greatly helped in part by the huge increase in use of mobile media even in these more marginalised societies. Despite the huge advances made by the evolution of EL2, there remain a number of important security and privacy issues which need to be addressed. This chapter will detail the educational value of EL2 to our current generation of students as well as highlighting the technical issues that the E-learning generation will face in the near future. 2013 by Nova Science Publishers, Inc. All rights reserved.
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