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Sadiq M.;Zhang H.;Gleeson M.;Ye N.;Roycroft B.;Kavanagh N.;Robert C.;Yang H.;Thomas K.;Gocalinska A.;Li Z.;Chen Y.;Wheeler N.;Hayes J.;Alam S.;Poletti F.;Petrovich M.;Richardson D.;Kelly B.;O'Carroll J.;Phelan R.;Pelucchi E.;O'Brien P.;Peters F.;Gunning F.;Corbett B.
European Conference on Optical Communication, ECOC
40 Gbps WDM transmission over 1.15 km HC-PBGF using the first InP-based Mach Zehnder modulator at 2 m
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2015 Viajes el Corte Ingles, VECISA. 410Gbps WDM transmission over low loss HC-PBGF at 2m wavelengths is demonstrated using a 2mm long QCSE based InP MZM with Vp of 6V and ER>20dB. An OSNR of 25dB is required to achieve error free transmission.
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