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Li H.;Hao G.
Proceedings of the ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference
Compliant mechanism reconfiguration based on position space concept for reducing parasitic motion
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Copyright 2015 by ASME. This paper introduces a compliant mechanism reconfiguration approach that can be used to minimize the parasitic motions of a compliant mechanism. This reconfiguration approach is based on the position spaces, identified by the screw theory, of independent compliant modules in a compliant mechanism system. The parasitic motions (rotations) of a compliant mechanism are first modelled associated with the variables representing any positions of the compliant modules in the position spaces. The optimal positions of the compliant modules are then obtained where the parasitic motions are reduced to minimal values. A procedure of the compliant mechanism reconfiguration approach is summarized and demonstrated using a decoupled XYZ compliant parallel mechanism as an example. The analytical results show that the parasitic motions of the XYZ compliant parallel mechanism in the example can be dramatically reduced by the position/structure reconfiguration, which is also validated by finite element analysis. The position space of a compliant module contains a number of possible positions, thus a compliant mechanism can also be efficiently reconfigured to a variety of practical patterns such as the configuration with compact structure.
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