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Ye N.;Yang H.;Gleeson M.;Pavarelli N.;Zhang H.;O'Callaghan J.;Han W.;Nudds N.;Collins S.;Gocalinska A.;Pelucchi E.;O'Brien P.;Gunning F.;Peters F.;Corbett B.
2015 IEEE Photonics Conference, IPC 2015
AlInGaAs surface normal photodiode for 2 m optical communication systems
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2 m High speed photodiode InGaAs
2015 IEEE. High bandwidth 2 m wavelength surface normal p-i-n photodiodes using a high indium-content InGaAs strain-relaxed absorbing layer clad by p and n doped AlInGaAs layers are realised. A parabolic grading was used to relax the lattice constant from that of the InP substrate. We compare structures with different p-doping profiles and absorber thicknesses to achieve a 3-dB bandwidth of around 10 GHz while maintaining a photoresponsivity of 0.93 A/W. A clear opening of the 10 Gbit/s eye pattern was obtained with an input power of-3.07 dBm. By temperature-control of the mesa passivation process the device leakage was reduced to 0.52 A at-5 V bias.
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