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Slizhikova DK, Zinov'eva MV, Kuz'min DV, Snezhkov EB, Shakhparonov MI, Dmitriev RI, Antipova NV, Zavalova LL, Sverdlov ED;
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[Decrease in expression of human J-chain in lung squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma]
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Secretory polymeric immunoglobulins (IgA dimers and IgM pentamers) are unique in that, apart from L- and H-chains, they contain J-chains responsible for their oligomerization. These antibodies are part of the local adaptive immune system acting on mucosa membranes of the respiratory and digestive systems as the first protection barrier to potential infectious agents. Secretory polymeric immunoglobulins are produced by highly specific B-cells and actively transported to the surface of mucosa membrane through epithelium cells. Therefore, their synthesis and J-chain content are dependent upon epithelium translocation function and condition that are markedly affected by tumorous transformation. Here, we used RT-PCR and immunoblotting to study of the J-chain content and its mRNA expression level in normal and tumorous tissues in lung squamous cell cancer and adenocarcinoma at various stages of disease progression.
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