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Dmitriev RI, Pestov NB, Korneenko TV, Gerasimova AV, Zhao Kh, Modianov NN, Kostina MB, Shakhparonov MI;
Bioorganicheskaia Khimiia
[Tissue specificity of alternative splicing products of mouse mRNA encoding new protein hampin homologous to the Drosophila MSL-1 protein]
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A number of mammalian genomes have one gene copy encoding the protein that we named hampin. A search in a number of databases revealed a distant homologue, the well-known Drosophila protein MSL-1 (male-specific lethal 1). An alternative splicing of mRNA led to a significant diversity of structural hampin variants with different domain compositions. We analyzed the tissue-specific expression of five mouse hampin variants using RT-PCR. Two variants encoding hampin proteins with truncated N termini were shown to have a restricted tissue specificity: they are exclusively expressed in the testes. The mRNAs of other hampin variants were detected in all the tested tissues at comparable levels. We obtained polyclonal antibodies to the recombinant hampin and used them to demonstrate that at least one of the variants is predominantly localized in the nucleus. The specific features of the hampin primary structure and its possible functions as a member of the hampin/MSL-1 family of proteins are discussed.
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