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Sokolov A.;Mallick D.;Roy S.;Kennedy M.;Blokhina E.
2019 Symposium on Design, Test, Integration and Packaging of MEMS and MOEMS, DTIP 2019
Modelling of Electromagnetic Coupling in Micro-scale Electromagnetic Energy Harvester
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electromagnetic Energy harvesting modelling multiphysics
2019 IEEE. Kinetic energy harvesters as systems which convert kinetic energy of the oscillations to electric power has different transduction mechanisms. One of the most common transduction mechanisms in such systems is electromagnetic generation, when a voltage is generated according to the Faraday law. Despite the clear physical nature of the electromechanical coupling, the development of the close lumped model for electromotive force and electromagnetic force is challenging problem. The algorithm for estimation of these values and criteria of self-consistency for the model is presented in this paper. In addition, suggested algorithm is applied to the real microscopic electromagnetic energy harvester and predicted signal was compared to the experimental data.
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