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Chong, F. S.; O'Sullivan, Maurice G.; Kerry, Joseph P.; Moloney, A. P.; Methven, L.; Gordon, A. W.; Hagan, T. D. J.; Farmer, L. J.
Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture
Understanding consumer liking of beef using hierarchical cluster analysis and external preference mapping
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Preferences Hierarchical cluster analysis Preference mapping Consumer acceptability
Background: This study was conducted to assess if there are differences in consumer liking of beef. Samples were collected from different groups and analyses were conducted, including quantitative descriptive analysis, consumer panels and instrumental analyses. Palatability traits, such as aroma liking (AL), tenderness (TE), juiciness (JU), flavour liking (FL) and overall liking (OL) were rated by consumers. Results: Warner Bratzler shear force was negatively associated with tender mouthfeel and consumer tenderness score. Cluster analysis identified 4 groups of clusters, which were described as “easily-pleased”, “bull beef liker”, “tender beef liker” and “fastidious” consumers. Cluster group 2 awarded higher score for bulls and located in a separate region on external preference map. Conclusion: External preference mapping showed the association between consumer liking of beef and sensory attributes.
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