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Jools Gilson, Yvon Bonenfant, Daniel O'Connell, Mel Mercier & Nicholas Jojnson
Irish Society for Theatre Research: Conversations Through Time: Intersectional, Intergenerational, Interdisciplinary
IMBAS (Artistic Research) Roundtable
Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick
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Initiated at by Prof. Helen Phelan in 2016, and launched at UL in Nov 2017, IMBAS is on the road and looking for its communities of interest to engage in debate and get to work. This roundtable is proposed as a series of short presentations on arts practice research in an Irish and European context, followed by an open discussion. Focusing on arts practice research in Theatre as well as the broader spectrum of disciplinary involvement (particularly Music and Film), Prof. Jools Gilson will present a review of current regulations around arts practice recognition in Ireland, Prof. Mel Mercier will give an overview of student perspectives on practice-based PhDs in Ireland, Dan O’Connor on arts practice research in Film in Ireland, Prof. Nicholas Johnson on the potential of interdisciplinary initiatives for PAR and Dr. Yvon Bonenfant (Head, Theatre, UCC) on the potential for empowering whatever the Irish model becomes, to dialogue with wider international issues around Artistic Research (AR) / Practice as Research (PAR). IMBAS seeks partnership with practice-inclusive researchers of ISTR to develop an action plan to advance the recognition, resourcing, status, and impact potential of PAR in the Irish context, while exploring how we enable that context to profit from recent international developments in AR/PAR.