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Research Report
Rosemarie Mac Sweeney, Breffní Lennon, Niall P. Dunphy
Report on stakeholders and occupant engagement in the pilot projects
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stakeholder engagement, occupants and users, energy use in buildings and districts, Integrated Design Processes (IDP), participation, co-design
Report on stakeholder and occupant engagementin the pilots, including an overview of the Advisory Teams (LATs)
This deliverable reports on the planning and implementation of activities designed to explorethe most appropriate means of engaging stakeholders. Particular focus was placed on the building occupants and users in the three demo sites of the NewTREND project. These activities comprised the second strand of stakeholder engagements for WP6. Task 6.2 placed an emphasis on engaging with those stakeholders who are more often overlooked in more traditional stakeholder engagement processes.Traditionally, the experiences of professionals andstakeholders have invariably come to the fore, with those categorised as users/occupants having less of a voice. Therefore, Task 6.2 has tried to remedy that somewhat and focus of the user/occupier experiences.
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Horizon 2020
Grant agreement no. 680474