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Christine Gaffney and Niall P. Dunphy
Gender Inclusivity Dissemination Guidelines
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Gender; Gender Inclusivity
One of the key ambitions of the Horizon 2020 framework programme for research and innovation is to achieve gender equality and gender mainstreaming in research. These guidelines provide a blueprint to achieve those ambitions in the ENTRUST project. Achieving gender inclusivity in dissemination activities requires consideration of how language practices, and the use of imagery, can enhance inclusion. Inclusive dissemination practices can enhance communication, encourage input and feedback from participants, and ensure full participation, by all stakeholders. In order to develop gender inclusivity in dissemination activities, researchers must reflexively interrogate their own preconceptions of gender. They should take account of their own gender positions, and how their gender intersects with other sociocultural positions, and consider how these can impact on their own communication styles and practices. Gender inclusivity in both language use, and imagery, as well as in delivery, is key to ensuring that that the ambitions of the project can be achieved.
ENTRUST H2020 project
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Horizon 2020
Grant Agreement No 657998