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Arpad Szakolczai
Inference: International Review of Science
The anabasis of Michel Serres: Trickster knowledge and the ambivalences of modern science
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Serres, philosophy of science, communication technology, liminality, Hermes, parasite, trickster
The aim of the article is to offer a short introduction into the thinking of Michel Serres, who is one of the most exciting, but also highly controversial, French thinkers of the past half a century. It starts with a short introduction into the background of his thinking, focusing on his experiences during and after WWII, especially the modalities of his (non)-insertion into the then ruling French academic and intellectual traditions. Emphasis will be on his all but unique focus on science and mathematics as topics important for philosophy. The central focus is on the way Serres thought and problematised the connections between science, technology and communication in the modern world, and its significance for our current situation,
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