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Caruso, Enrico; Lin, Jun; Monaghan, Scott; Cherkaoui, Karim; Floyd, Liam; Gity, Farzan; Palestri, Pierpaolo; Esseni, David; Selmi, Luca; Hurley, Paul K.
2019 International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD)
Relationship between capacitance and conductance in MOS capacitors
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Capacitance MOS capacitors Indium gallium arsenide Semiconductor device measurement Frequency modulation Capacitance-voltage characteristics Frequency measurement Characterization extraction technique MOS multi-frequency C-V G-V Minority carrier lifetime Oxide capacitance Doping
Udine, Italy
In this work, we describe how the frequency dependence of conductance (G) and capacitance (C) of a generic MOS capacitor results in peaks of the functions G/ω and -ωdC/dω. By means of TCAD simulations, we show that G/ω and -ωdC/dω peak at the same value and at the same frequency for every bias point from accumulation to inversion. We illustrate how the properties of the peaks change with the semiconductor doping (ND), oxide capacitance (COX), minority carrier lifetime (τg), interface defect parameters (NIT, σ) and majority carrier dielectric relaxation time (τr). Finally, we demonstrate how these insights on G/ω and -ωdC/dω can be used to extract COX, ND and τg from InGaAs MOSCAP measurements
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