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Charrette D, Hayes M, Roberts A
IADR Irish Division Annual Meeting
Student Professionalism: Calibration of Dental Assessors
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Cork Dental School & Hospital (CUDSH) uses two reporting methods to longitudinally assess Dental student (BDS) professionalism; Clinical Grading (CG) or Traffic Light Reporting (TLR). These evaluations occur in clinical and non-clinical environments by Clinical Staff (CS) and Non-Clinical Staff (NCS). The objective of the study was to develop a series of professionalism scenarios and compare the perceptions of BDS and staff (CS & NCS) of each scenario and preferred reporting scheme. Staff evaluation formed part of a calibration event. 13 professionalism-based scenarios were administered to Final Year BDS students (n=30) using Google Forms. During a staff calibration seminar the same scenarios were presented to CS (n=12) and NCS (n=36). Each scenario varied in its seriousness, environment and staff role. The use of the TLR for BDS and CS was 57.4% and 60% respectively but was used by NCS in 74.3% of scenarios. NCS awarded Red cards more frequently (46.7%) than BDS (29.0%) or CS (31.6%) and were least likely to take no further action. There was little variation in the award of green cards. Response BDS Students (n=30) Clinical Staff (n=12) Non-Clinical Staff (n=36) Traffic Light Reporting RED CARD YELLOW CARD GREEN CARD 57.4% 29.0% 21.3% 7.2% 60% 31.6% 20.7% 7.7% 74.3% 46.7% 21.1% 7.6% Cliinical Grading CLINICAL ALERT CLINICAL SCORE 37.4% 21.0% 16.4% 34.8% 12.3% 22.6% 24.4% 11.2% 13.2% No Card & no action 5.1% 5.2% 1.3% There was a high level of agreement between BDS, CS and NCS in the award and reporting of professionalism. NCS were more likely to use TLR and for poor professionalism were most likely to award Red Cards for serious events. The study ensured BDS and staff familiarity with common professionalism scenarios across the School and an opportunity for calibration of staff in the grading and reporting of professionalism standards.
College of Medicine and Health SURE Awards 2018
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