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Garvey EC;O'Sullivan MG;Kerry JP;Kilcawley KN;
Critical Reviews In Food Science and Nutrition
Factors influencing the sensory perception of reformulated baked confectionary products.
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Baked confectionary products such as cakes, biscuits, cookies, and muffins are consumed globally as they are coveted for their sensory attributes. However, due to their high sugar and fat content, baked confectionary products are also considered major contributors to the prevalence of obesity and the rise of type II diabetes in industrialized nations and in emerging economies. Both sugar and fat have multiple roles in baked confectionary products in terms of structure, texture, shelf-life, aroma, and taste. Considerable efforts have been undertaken to modify product formulations to decrease sugar and fat contents without compromising on product or sensory quality, and this review focuses on relevant research undertaken to date. Aspects addressed include the impact of decreasing sugar and fat content, the impact of sugar or fat substitutes in relation to sensory perception, with a focus on the role of key product constituents, processing parameters, flavor reactions, aromatic compounds, and flavor chemical and sensory techniques.
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