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Gallagher M.;Arnold M.;Kadaub E.;Culloty S.;O'Riordan R.;McAllen R.;Rachinskii D.
Theoretical Population Biology
Competing barnacle species with a time dependent reproduction rate
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Biodiversity Climate change Competition model with time varying coefficients Monotone time map Reproduction strategy Threshold
2019 A simple competition model with time varying periodic coefficients, in which two species use different reproduction strategies, is explored in this paper. The two species considered comprise a native species which reproduces once a year over a short time period and an invasive species which is capable of reproducing throughout the entire year. A monotonicity property of the model is instrumental for its analysis. The model reveals that the time difference between the peak of reproduction for the two species is a critical factor in determining the outcome of competition between these species. The impact of climate change and an anthropogenic disturbance, comprising the creation of additional substrate, is also investigated using a modified model. The results of this paper describe how climate change will favour the invasive species by reducing the time period between the reproductive peaks of the two species and how the addition of new substrates is likely to endanger a small population of either of the two species, depending on the timing of the introduction of the substrates.
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