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Research Report
Niall P. Dunphy, Alexandra Revez, Christine Gaffney, Breffní Lennon, Ariadna Ramis Aguilo, John Morrissey, Stephen Axon
Intersectional Analysis of Energy Practices
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ENTRUST project, Energy practices, Intersectionality, Attitudes, gender, age, socio-economic privilege
This document examines the energy-related practices that take place in six case-study communities located in France, Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom. This exploration is conducted as part of a research project exploring the ‘human factor’ in the energy system, within which a complementary study of the perceptions and attitudes towards energy technologies has also been produced. Both of these studies are taking an intersectional approach to the analysis, recognising that people have multiple, interdependent, overlapping axes of social identity – these studies focus particularly on issues of gender, socio-economic privilege and age. The purpose of the report is to move away from the dominant behaviouralist perspective – wherein people are treated as uniquely rational decision-makers – and introduce the very real social contexts through which they negotiate and understand their role within the energy system; with specific focus on their views on the energy technologies that comprise it. The underlying feelings, assumptions, associations and values held by the people who express them are very real influencing factors on the energy-related practices they engage in on a day-to- day basis.
H2020 Project
Nial P. Dunphy
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Horizon 2020
Grant Agreement Number 657998