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Research Report
Niall P. Dunphy, Alexandra Revez, Christine Gaffney, Breffní Lennon, Estibaliz Sanvicente, Alberto Landini, John Morrissey
Synthesis of socio-economic, technical, market and policy analyses
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ENTRUST project, Energy system, Energy practices, Socio-economic analysis, Market analysis, Technical analysis, Policy analysis, Synthesis
The information presented in this deliverable summarises the outputs from three distinct strands of research carried out for the ENTRUST Horizon 2020 research project. This research is exploring the energy system from multiple perspectives. They include the more traditional, techno-centric market approach; and public policy oriented appraisals; in addition to applying innovative engagements that capture human-centred perspectives of people experiencing the intersecting nexuses that comprise the energy system. Aim Decisions on how the energy system is transitioning to low-carbon configurations will have, and is having, very real impacts on society and how people live their lives. In order to understand these societal intersections with the material configurations of the energy system, ENTRUST has sought to identify where many of these intersections arise, how they are created and then negotiated, within a complex nexus of choices, freedoms and controls that comprise our shared relationships with energy and the structures that support it. The objective of this document is to integrate the findings arising from this research and to feed into: • ongoing collaborations with the project’s six case-study communities; to further • explore the potential of novel energy transition pathways; and • to develop content for the forthcoming Energy Communities knowledge and communication platform.
H2020 Project
Niall P. Dunphy
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Horizon 2020
Grant Agreement Number 657998