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O’Brien, Niamh; Lawlor, Martin; Chambers, Fiona; Breslin, Gavin; O’Brien, Wesley
Irish Educational Studies
Levels of wellbeing, resilience, and physical activity amongst Irish pre-service teachers: a baseline study§
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Intervention Physical activity Pre-service teachers Resilience Wellbeing
The current study examines the wellbeing, resilience and physical activity (PA) levels among Irish pre-service teachers. Participants were a sample of 128 higher education students (29% male; 71% female; mean age range 18–27 years old) who completed a self-report questionnaire, using a combination of established instruments for wellbeing, resilience, and PA. Descriptive data revealed that 39.1% presented with low levels of resilience, and 74% were not meeting the PA guidelines for health. One sample t-tests further revealed the sample population of higher education students had lower wellbeing (t (127) = -3.05, p =.003) and resilience (t (127) = -6.48, p =.003) levels, when compared to the population normative data. Results from the existing study suggest that a structured mental health and PA education awareness intervention for Irish pre-service teachers may be warranted, specifically to increase the lower than expected levels of resilience. The existing sample of pre-service teachers are at a critical time of transition, as they move forward into a profession where self-awareness of wellbeing is required at the beginning of their careers to sustain health both inside and outside of the classroom.
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