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Loi, Ruggero; Iadanza, Simone; Roycroft, Brendan; O’Callaghan, James; Liu, Lei; Thomas, Kevin; Gocalinska, Agnieszka; Pelucchi, Emanuele; Farrell, Alexander; Kelleher, Steven; Gul, Raja Fazan; Trindade, António José; Gomez, David; O’Faolain, Liam; Corbett, Brian
IEEE Journal of Quantum Electronics
Edge-Coupling of O-Band InP Etched-Facet Lasers to Polymer Waveguides on SOI by Micro-Transfer-Printing
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Waveguide lasers Optical waveguides Polymers Silicon Laser modes Substrates Metals Heterogeneous integration III-V semiconductors laser silicon photonics polymer waveguides
O-band InP etched facets lasers were heterogeneously integrated by micro-transfer-printing into a 1.54 µm deep recess created in the 3 µm thick oxide layer of a 220 nm SOI wafer. A 7 × 1.5 µm2 cross-section, 2 mm long multimode polymer waveguide was aligned to the ridge post-integration by e-beam lithography with <0.7 µm lateral misalignment and incorporated a tapered silicon waveguide. A 170 nm thick metal layer positioned at the bottom of the recess adjusts the vertical alignment of the laser and serves as a thermal via to sink the heat to the Si substrate. This strategy shows a roadmap for active polymer waveguide-based photonic integrated circuits.
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